Go back on your knees

Written by Lindie Strydom

“Go back on your knees, the Lord has the answers,” was the encouragement that Faith Durie experienced in 2010. She needed something tangible to remind her of this important turning point and moment in her life: a prayer cushion. As she later discovered, this message wasn’t meant only for her and God calls all his weary and discouraged children who look for answers in all kinds of places to go back on their knees.  

Faith lived up to her name and responded to this impulse by at first giving ordinary cushions to her closest family and friends along with the message of “go back on your knees”. In the next round, she made a few prayer cushions with her limited sewing skills...





Bernina was established in South Africa in 1947. As our 67-year history shows, we don’t only sell machines, but also take an active and constructive interest in the country’s people from all walks of life.

Bernina sewing machine

This machine that is worth R12 000 was donated to the project by a group of businessmen from Pretoria. They give a tenth of their business to the community. They don’t want their names mentioned.   

Software for Bernina embroidery machines

The software we needed for the embroidery machines would have cost us R18 000. This program was donated to the project as well.

Bernina embroidery machine

An “angel woman” from Johannesburg made a donation of R10 000, enabling us to buy a second embroidery machine. Her name is Tinie.